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Rookies Free Trial

From $0 per visit with Rookies Trial pass No purchase required to enroll

School of Rock Princeton’s Rookies Program is designed for first and second graders to provide a fun introduction to music fundamentals. Among other tools, we use proprietary setups for guitar, bass, drums and keyboard to provide a gateway to understanding music. The skills and passion for music that we teach our students gets them ready for Rock 101 and a lasting appreciation for music.

Our Princeton Rookies learn the fundamental concepts of pitch, rhythm, form and dynamics with age-appropriate exercises, tools and games. We encourage our students to explore a variety of instruments and play styles so they can get familiar with all parts of the musical landscape; even the most incredible solo guitar players or drummers need to understand how the rest of the band works together.

All students in Princeton’s Rookies Program can expect:

• Weekly group lessons using guitar, bass, keyboard and drums
• Exposure to essential fundamentals like music theory, pitch and rhythm
• A focus on teamwork and collaboration
• An understanding of what it means to play solo and in a group
• Fun combined with practical learning!

Session Packages: $150/4 sessions, and $300/10 sessions